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Success Stories from taking Probiotics

SUCCESS STORIES using Our Probiotic Whole Foods


About Don: 

DON CHISHOLM, is a researcher, health professional, educator and the author of “Have you got the guts to be really healthy?” and various articles including “Autism: The Disgraceful Truth”. An entrepreneur after overcoming his own serious illness, has used the knowledge gained from his own health recovery to help both children and adults suffering from various degenerative conditions.

These many success stories are only part of the story. While different people realize different results and to varying degrees depending on their condition (as not everyone is same), we’d like to point out that the results you see here are as a result of a better awareness and the importance of proper nutrition, hydration and use of our Probiotic Whole Foods. However, they no intention to imply that all users will experience the same results or that these encouraging stories are typical.




My son “I” is 6 years old. Since birth, he has had problems communicating, unable to sit quietly or pass motion. Since I began giving him Organic 2012 (March 2011), I have noticed amazing changes in him. Within the first day, I noticed he was able to sit quietly and listen to instructions. He waited for me whereas before he would rush off. His bowel movement is now daily and very good. His tuition teacher was amazed that he could concentrate and listen to her. 

My two other children (18 years old and 15 year old) have also started taking Organic 2012 and have also noticed a better and consistent bowel movement. Thank you. 

Puan Zara Johor Bahru, Malaysia 2011


As every child is different in their own way, my son “P” is different to. He is 4 years and 10 months old at present. He is quite noisy, talkative and hyperactive where by taking him to attend functions is quite a big and tiring task.

The first day I gave him Organic 2012 (January 2011), I took him to a wedding dinner. Normally when I take him to functions, someone has to hold his hands to avoid him from running about. But, on that day, to my surprise, my son sat on his chair quietly, observing what was happening around. After the function, which was 2 hours later, I saw him playing with other children about his age and he was able to control himself quite well. I am happy to have tried giving my son probiotics and shall continue doing so. 

Mrs. Santha Bukit Indat, Johor Bahru, Malaysia 2011


I want to thank you for introducing me to probiotics (March 2011). I have noticed a marked difference in “D”. He used to have problems with his bowel movement, going only in 2 or 3 days. He now goes daily and by himself. He has also quietened down with his chatter (he used to talk non stop without making sense), especially during lessons. He is able to concentrate and focus. He is less stress and doesn’t clench his fists anymore. I am so happy for the help.

My husband has also started taking Organic 2012 and has found it helps to control his appetite. I shall be ordering more bottles. 

Mrs. Thurukha Johor Bahru, Malaysia 2011 

–Original Message—–
Sent: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 4:18 PM
Subject: Testimony

Dear Don

Here is the testimony about my son you asked for:

My 8 year old son began taking your Probiotic Foods in June this year (2006).  No other changes were made to his other supplements or therapies, so the improvements we have seen would be due to the introduction of this product.

The improvements in our son are:

·        Improvement in social behaviour – instead of wanting to stay by himself, more desire to be with other family members and do what they are doing.

·        He now seems to love the family dog and tries to pat it (or make the dog do what he wants it to do), where previously he would ignore the dog

·        Increased awareness of happenings around him, what others are saying – we now know he hears and understands all that he pays attention to.

·        Improvements in ability to follow directions – immediate response to directions, sometimes more than one step in directions.

·        Greatly reduced hyperactivity

·        Increase in speech – more words emerging, not only for getting his needs met, but sometimes also commenting (only single words still)

·        Attempts at drawing (previously no interest in pencil to paper tasks)

·        Will now let me cut his finger nails and toe nails – previously the only way to achieve this was during his sleep

·        Continuing to improve his ability to use mouse with the computer (understanding of cause and effect of his actions)

·        Main improvement has been in his bowel motions.  Previously he had many bowel motions each day, and that was keeping him in nappies all day (as he will not/cannot do bowel motion in toilet, although is toilet trained for urinating).  Since taking the Probiotic Foods, he now has one or two bowel motions in the afternoon, so we have begun reducing the time in nappies. 


Hope this is helpful for your advertising, sorry it has taken me a while to get to do this – life is very full with all the therapies, and homeschooling my kids etc I have to fit into the day – don’t get a lot of time on the computer for anything that needs a bit of time.  Anyway, here it is, and thanks again for the product.Daniel has also made some great improvements ontop of these improvements by re-introducing Methyl-B12 injections – especially his speech!

– Thanks again. L E

My son (Jo 5, ASD) has been on Probiotic Foods for a while and we’d noticed a real change in his confidence, eye contact and general well being after two tubs but when I ran out and started a new pro biotic I noticed his behavior started to regress into his old ways like being very clingy, fearful, losing eye contact and being more in his own world.  His guts have been worse whereas whilst he’s on your Probiotic Foods his stools are healthy.  He also hasn’t been sleeping well and he did on Probiotic Foods. My husband I both agree we think it’s because he’s not been taking Probiotic Foods that these symptoms have re-appeared. So we’re looking forward to having a new batch.  This is the first time I have endorsed a product but if it can help other kids like Joel I’m all for it.

– Regards,Mrs  G-C

My 11-year-old son and I have been taking Probiotic Foods since the Brisbane MBS Festival ’08. … My ADHD son has always spent at least half an hour in the toilet partly due to not being able to “finish” what he was doing.  He now spends much less time in there and I’m sure it’s because he has better formed stools. His behaviour has also improved in that he is more likely to come down from a rage by himself and feel better about the episode. ……. I’ve tried different products over the years, some have worked and some made no difference. Your Probiotic Food is one of the exciting ones that have given unexpected benefits. … I’ve started 2 of my friends on Probiotic Foods and feel this is certainly one of those products that is making a big difference to our health.  

 – Thank you. R T

Hi, about a month ago my 3 year old son and I started the Probiotic Foods every morning. I was mostly interested in it due to its addition of the L. Planterum probiotic which is generally missing from children with learning disabilities (which my son has). He also follows a strict gluten/dairy free diet which initially helped him progress. However, the addition of Probiotic Foods has been just as ‘eye-opening’! For the first time he is putting together sentences and feeding himself. I am not one for coincidence – he started  advancing about 2 weeks after starting the product. He is now up to half a teaspoon per day in his cereal and has no complaints. So this is to say thanks. I am also feeling better within myself and my stomach problems seem to have disappeared. I will be placing another order in the near future – this time for 3 tubs of Probiotic Foods. I don’t want to be running out! 

–  Kindest regards C. 

I wanted to thank you very much for a wonderful product- Probiotic Foods. My two children have had difficulties going to the toilet regularly for years. I have noticed the connection between regularity (gut dysbiosis) and behaviour. My daughter (8 yrs old) becomes very vague and sometimes weepy and my son (7 years old) exhibits ADHD like behaviour. When I saw the product at the Mindd conference I knew it was what they needed although I wasn’t prepared for how quickly and effectively it would work. Within 3 days of taking just 1/8 tsp both children went to the toilet without being asked. Since that time they have been regular (every day). They now take a 1/2 tsp a day. The amazing part is that now they feel like they need to go and do so independently without prompting on a daily basis from me. When
they are regular I notice their behaviour improves. I also take Probiotic Foods since I am breastfeeding my 6 mth old baby girl and hope this will give her good gut flora and a great start in her digestive life. I highly recommend this product to anyone who has children with gut/behavioural issues. My children are living proof that if you heal the gut the behaviour will follow. 

– Regards K P



Testimonial from Dr Michael Midgley


If you should be giving your ‘Live Blood Microscopy’ talk anywhere in the North West of England or in North or Mid- Wales, please let me know – I would like to attend. (Chester might be a good central point for both).

Now for a summary of info about myself and my adventures with ME. You have my full permission to print out all or any parts of this e-mail and to use it as you see fit (you may give our website address to anyone but give my telephone number ONLY to interested medics). I have written a book about my adventures with ME – ‘A Life Worth Living’ – details on our website: http://www.bigfoot.com/~ostrust

I have produced a 29-minute film, with companion book, especially for ME patients. This is entitled ‘The Message of the Crucifixion – details on our website: http://www.bigfoot.com/~ostrust

I am currently working on screenplays for two more films especially for ME patients entitled ‘Miracles, Medicine and ME’ and ‘Miracles, Mind and ME’. These are being produced on digital equipment – I can now go from the screenplay stage to the finished release prints in my own home, without need for laboratory assistance.

Now for my adventures with ‘Prime Directive’.

1. I have been on ‘Prime Directive’ for 25 full days today. Since starting on ‘Prime Directive’ I’ve had 25 consecutive days (and counting) of improving health. I now feel mentally and physically well. I haven’t felt this way for over 35 years. (Note that I was already on 100% organic diet and specially filtered water – so I started off with a big advantage)

2. I’m sleeping more soundly and for longer.

3. The restrictions on my diet are diminishing. For example, I can now eat grains (high in lectins – no good for ME cases) such as rice and oats, which I haven’t been able to eat for many years.

4. My circulation has improved and I don’t feel so cold all the time.

5. My ability to exercise has improved considerably.

6. I have been able to discard my proprietary dietary supplements – vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

7. The various discomforts in my muscles have all but disappeared and I fully expect them to go altogether in the long run.

8. My depression has improved and my mental abilities are improving.

9. The fatigue has all but disappeared. I now feel refreshed when I wake and normally tired in the evenings. Previously I awoke depressed and weary and became exhausted by bedtime.

10. My bowel function continues to improve, as does my general health.

With every good wish,


Dr Michael Midgley MB ChB MRCGP MBKSTS
UK Physician
Director, Overton Studios Trust
Providing holistic online and offline support for sufferers from ME, CFS,
PVS, CFIDS and Fibromyalgia


Dr. Michael Midgley’s Testimonial continues below in another letter to Czerral …




Dear Don

Well, what a miracle! Does the man who produce Phytobeet walk on water as well?

I have been taking half a teaspoon since the 25 August this was two week before my period was due. I started early on the 5 September but I had no pains, not tears, no tantrums, no low blood sugar attacks, but it was quite a heavy period. I waited for another month to give you a report because if it could do all that in a week and a half what could it do in six weeks. Well six weeks down the road I have had another period which was quite light, lighter than for a long time. But it is my sense of well being and energy levels that I am amazed and delighted about. I must admit I feel better on the Prime Directive and it certainly helped me but that is, nothing in comparison to how I feel now. I wake up at seven thirty every morning and look forward to the day.


I can cope with all my everyday stresses which I was not doing before. I actually thought that I was being weak and feeble because everything seemed too stressful to cope with. Not a good advert when you are a therapist helping others. If you look at my records which Peter has I think you will find that it shows that my tiredness and inability to cope was my biggest complaint.

I no longer feel tired or stressed and yet my life has not changed in any way, in fact if anything I’m busier for the first time since I had Daniel nearly seven years ago I feel on top of the world. On top of feeling well, my skin has taken on a sheen and feel soft especially on my legs which were always dry and scaly. My hair is also soft and I have lost a lot of the flaking scalp which used to itch even though I used Aloe shampoo and rinse. I find that I have had no digestive upsets at all and have even eaten some apples which I was always very sensitive to. The last thing I think to report is that I have lost that nagging hunger which I quite often had even when I had eaten, although I have to admit the Prime Directive helped with tat as well. I also no longer have the light not sweats which had started to occur in the mornings before I got up.

I have to say thank you for allowing me to trial out this product for you. If you ever need a testimonial for it I’m your man (or woman). I also send grateful thanks from the rest of the family who feel they are living with someone different sighs of relief all round.

I still have quite a lot left in the bottle and am quite nervous about running out of it. Please let me know if you are able to get some more. I will have some straight away. I also have at least ten other patients who I know need this particular product.

I hope this will help you with you research. Please don’t hesitate to call if you need any more information.

Many thanks again.

With much love and light.


P.S. I feel many husbands and partners would be forever grateful to you if you can market this on a large scale. Goodbye to P.M.S. and menopausal problems.



Hi            10th Nov 2004.

Here is a testimonial for you!

In the New Year, we decided to start taking xxxxx once, every morning…..

….. as Joe was diagnosed with Leukaemia 3 years ago and needs blood tests every 6 months. So we were very willing to keep trying the xxxx! Finally, we began to mix it into our orange juice and this is quite palatable!

In June, Joe had his blood test and when we went in to hear the results the Dr said there had been a remarkable increase in his T Cell Count. He said “what have you been doing differently?” We looked at each other, then realised, it must be the xxxxx. The Doctor told us “well, whatever it is, keep doing it. This is the kind of result every Aids patient around the world looks for, an increase in their T Cells.”

So after that we have taken it without fail, apart from this last week when we have run out! Cheers for a great product. It has certainly inspired me to find out more about xxxxxxx.

Thanks. Kind Regards



2nd of August 2004

Dear Czerral

Thought I would write to you with regard to a couple of matters so that you could make some comments in return.

Firstly you will be pleased to know that two months ago we sold some product to an HIV positive patient who is a test case in New Zealand. He is under close scrutiny by the medical profession because he is on the drug cocktail they give to HIV patients and also follows his own health regime. He is under study because his immune tests place him at the high end of an average person who does not have HIV. That range is 450 -600.

After being on the Superfood for two months his immune reading is now 900!!

The side affect for most HIV patients on the drug cocktail is very bad diarrhea and bad stomach pain. After three days on the product his bowel motion was normal and he has no pain. This has amazed his Doctors and we are hopeful of an ongoing opportunity from this through both the medical profession and also the Aids Foundation.

We are also in the process of arranging to deliver seminars to 2 gyms in Wellington with memberships of 4000 people and one in Auckland that boasts 6000 members.

My personal customer base grows daily and 60% of it is into the 4th re- ordering cycle. All of these customers are my best sales people because of the amazing results they have experienced.

Kind Regards



Dear Czerral,
> Hello, my name is xxxxx and I am a new member of xxxxxxx team here in Perth.  Czerral I first heard about xxxxxx when you did a phone call live on TVSN with Di Turner and at the time my ears pricked up with extreme excitement.  I have a one
> year old son Jontae who has suffered with severe eczema since he
> was eight weeks of age and after being a concerned parent as to
> recommendations of steroids and many procedures of what we should
> do to help him with his problem I started to want to find out more
> about pro-biotics.
> A week before  I had heard you on TVSN I had previously been
> talking with a doctor at our children’s hospital here in Perth
> about pro-biotics and the effectiveness of them for such problems
> as eczema and dermatitis.  They had told me to put my son onto
> Protract and see how he would go over a period of eight weeks as
> this was the time I was told that they had seen results with the
> children they had put through there study.  After 3 days on
> protract my son had the worst break out of eczema we had ever
> seen.  A few phone calls later with the developers of the product
> I found out that they used milk powders in the freeze drying
> process of packaging the bacteria into the capsules.  My son has
> not tolerated milk products at all.  So hearing you talk on Tvsn
> was like you were an angel at the right moment in time for my son.
> I contacted xxxxx immediately and spoke to the staff about a little more

and was then put onto K here in Perth.
> After just two weeks of my son taking it his symptoms had almost
> gone (I was totally amazed at my new little boy) this was a child
> who was on almost daily applications of steroids and preventative
> procedures to help keep the problem at bay.  Two months later I
> have a new child with next to no symptoms who can now also
> tolerate the foods which we are warned against such as oranges and
> tomatoes that will cause an out break.  I am now a very passionate
> mother and new representative all due to your product.
> My question to you is that I am starting to spread the benefits of
> xxxx here and directing all of my passion and energy for
> people who are in the same boat as I.  I am trying to put together
> an editorial for a paper here in Perth which distributes 70,000
> copies per month and my editorial will be in a special double
> edition for this coming December and January.  I would like if you
> could for you to please come up with some words for the editorial
> of which I am allowed 250 words plus a colour image.  It would
> mean so much to me and all of the desperate parents that have not
> yet come across your amazing life saving product.  The only
> problem is the deadline for this is the 16th of this month so I am
> terribly sorry for pushing you with this but after listening to
> you on Tvsn and on the xxxxx cd with alaura and glen you have
> only driven me further with a shared passion.
> Could you please email me or contact me via phone on the details
> below:          email:               ph:
>Thankyou so much for your belief and your passion for your product
> you truly are making a difference in so many lives.
> Kindest regards



for more than five years I have been suffering from bleeding piles and
prolapse haemorriods. I started to take Prime Directive for six months
regularly two teaspoon daily and my condition has improved tremendously. Now
there is no bleeding and the piles do not prolapse as before. My general
well being such as improvement of energy is such that I can do things that I
could not before and I am 58 years old.


I am already menopaused for two years and hot flushes are daily
experiences with back ache and migraine . I am 52 years old and was
introduced Prime Directive taking two teaspoon daily for three months . My
hot flushes has been reduced together less migraine and I feel general well
being very much improve. My Back ache is gone. B.L.W


I am 26 years old and have problems of indigestion and constipation and
have tried a lot of supplements but not lmuch improvement. When I was
introduced prime directive for three months my problems are solved.



I was suffering from ezema for years and itches at times and my skin is
sensitive have tried lots of supplements but not much improvement. i started
to take Prime Directive for six months and my probles have improved and I am
no longer suffering from these problems. A C KL


I am 52 years old hospitilised for pains in my feet and with gout and I
could not walk up to my room upstairs. I started to take Prime Directive for
two months and now I could go upstairs. L.S. C Setapak.


I am 46 years old and have been detected by mamogram the my two breast
are with leision and calcifications . I started to take Prime Directive for
five months and my second visit  show that one breast is cleared and there
is a few left on the left breast. AK T Klang.


Hello Alan, 

 …..I am in the Tri states, New York , New Jersey and Ct. I have recommended this product to 12 people including a colon therapist and three Chiropractors, a nurse and two Reiki practitioners as well. I just love this product. They all love it and they are now looking to buy more. I have just placed an order for the SELF and everyone is excited to get on that as well 

…. After having been very ill for 15 years I have tried everything and seen everyone. I have never seen results like this EVER!!!! Digestion, menstrual symptoms, feelings of wellbeing, energy, bloating problems etc…… My sister has endometriosis and a weight problem(she hates everything my mother and I try to push on her). In just a few weeks she has seen a dramatic difference in her. What were terrible mensal cramps has subsided a good bit already and she has been losing weight. …… It is just so exciting to find a product that works and works well.I know so many doctors and healthcare providers and I am now interested in becoming a distributor. In less than one month I have been able to get about 16 people hooked.

My testimony alone goes a long way as everyone I know knows that I am not a product pusher as most products never even worked for me. I am very passionate about this. I know so many people suffering without hope or any improvement at all. To be a part of helping these people heal in anyway or even to just give them hope by having them see results…that is a lot. Hope is everything.Please let me know if you have any information about how to go about being a part of your amazing product line.


J D 34

The pages comprising this document contain information intended solely for use by the addressee. No part of this information maybe reproduced, copied or distributed in any form whatsoever.



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