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Bacteria Count and Their Credibility

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The Secret to any good probiotic is:  Are bacteria alive and do they have the ability to re-colonize in the gut.  The only true test is will they on-ferment.  This is why the only probiotics I endorse are in ‘Food State’ and have this ability.”                Czerral



Due to the recognition and importance of “Probiotics” in nutrition and health maintenance, there has been a lot of confusion throughout the marketplace in relation to the abundance or “count” of bacteria in any particular product.  Many new marketers are claiming that their products have billions more bacteria than other products, stating that due to this their product is the biggest and best.  This is very misleading for the consumer and in reality offers little more than sales hype.

Nature has always proven itself to be perfect through its manifestation that is, until someone comes along and starts to tamper with it!  The fools who think they can tamper with nature, usually ends up being Nature’s Fool.  In Nature’s infinite wisdom, it intended for us to obtain our daily bacteria requirements from plants.  Nowhere in nature will you find ‘billions’ of bacteria contained in assorted plants.

In order for any manufacturer to obtain these fantastic numbers, they must culture their bacteria strains in Bio-Reactors and grow them.  Most of these bacteria are then patented or trademarked.  Some claim on their labels that the bacteria is trademarked or patented and most do not make reference at all.  A probiotic product that has been  trademarked or patented have been genetically modified.  You cannot trademark or patent a natural product, hence their need to genetically modify the bacteria.  This is true of almost every bacteria culture sold today.

To date, there is NO scientific proof that genetically altered bacteria have the ability to reproduce in the gut!  You will also find that many of these types of bacteria cultures are taken from fecal matter.  All of our bacteria are derived from “Certified Organic” fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes.

Bacteria grow in colonies.  In scientific terms these colonies are called, “Colony-Forming Units” (CFU’s).  Disappointingly, there are companies who utilize tricks of the trade such as, during a count test, they will intentionally shake the colonies apart, thus separating the CFU’s in order to increase the bacteria count in their products.  They use this means to justify their misleading statements to consumers as to the billions of bacterium found in their product

Bacteria live and work in colonies, to break them apart in order to claim higher bacteria count and then claim that this makes their product superior is meaningless and ludicrous.healthy blue bac

When we conduct a lab count test on any of our products it is done within their natural Colony-Forming Units!  In our formulas colony forming units consist of 13 different lactobacillus bacteria.  Any one of these bacteria can be counted in the thousands if they were to be separated from the colonies.  In addition, all of our lab tests are done only after our product has been bottled for count accuracy.  Many companies do their counts before their bacteria have been added to their finished product.  Another trick of the trade to become aware of.

The reproduction ability of the bacteria in the gut is the single most important factor in a probiotic product.  The bacteria must be in their natural state and alive so that once they arrive in the gut they can multiply and reproduce all the sub-strains necessary to maintain a healthy intestinal flora.

The easiest way to tell if the bacteria are still in an natural organic state and have not been tampered with or altered would be to simply ask, “Is this product “Certified Organic?”  To date, our products are one of only certified organic bacteria strains in existence and carries the ‘Certified Organic’ stamp of approval on it.

As you can see there is now a minefield of misinformation being put forth in the name of profit.  Don’t be fooled by these tactics and the sales hype.  Let Nature be your guide and you will never be mislead or mislead others.

                                                                                                                               baby sleep  article written by Czerral


4 comments on “Bacteria Count and Their Credibility

  1. acne
    May 14, 2013

    I love the colours of one’s respective website, somewhat, sedative shades beautifully match often the feeling inside your entries! Not truly as soon as, not necessarily twofold, when I has been much more substantial moment, My partner and i study your individual older posts and it also often increased my disposition!

    • healingyourgut
      May 15, 2013

      The very best treatment for acne is a clean gut via eating healthy – vegetables and fruits!!! It truly works better than any other pharmaceutical product.

      • healingyourgut
        May 15, 2013

        Eat right – juice daily, cut out the meat and milk. You wont need any prodcuts or creams. Peace

    • healingyourgut
      May 15, 2013

      Thank you. Peace

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