Healing Your Gut

……good health starts here



Hi there. I am in the midst of preparing my site. I do want to say thanks for clicking on my blog. It has inspired me to ensure I do my best.I shall be entering more posts over the next few months.

This site aims in sharing information on the importance of having a clean and healthy gut, the dangers we place ourselves every time we eat, drink or surround ourselves with potential hazards in the form of cosmetics, liquids and especially pharmaceutical products.

The constant in flux of toxins in our bodies affect us in the long run making it difficult for us to fully operate our daily lives. For some us it appears as a migraine, rash, upset stomach; and for some of us it may be more powerful like cancer, leukemia or tumours.

I shall also share aspects of what I do in my therapy sessions to help rebalance one’s equilibrium soon.

Peace be with all of you.

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