Healing Your Gut

……good health starts here

My Work


I currently work with individuals with learning challenges or other special issues that conventional methods and thoughts may not help. it is my intention to work with the individual to acknowledge their true self and live joyously in society.

I believe most of our problems stems from having an unhealthy gut. This in turn leaks into our blood system clogging our processes making it difficult for messages to be sent to the brain for us to focus, concentrate, stand/sit still, understand a “simple” math problem, understand and follow instructions, walking, jumping….so many things that others take for granted. brain

Once that is sorted, I then work on other areas like rewiring the brain to the rest of the body so they understand they need to work together through a series of body-brain activities.

Sounds simple?? It takes time, effort and a lot of love. I know it is possible as I have been down the road of “impossibilities” and emerged a whole, happy individual who knows all things are possible when you are loved.love


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